27 Nov 2009

Lovely mail!

A while ago, I was lucky enough to win a giveaway from Xena, and my bundle of goodies arrived yesterday.

My favourite thing is the bag - it's just the perfect size for a magazine and a bit more... - straight to my handbag for shopping trips, I think!

I've also been sending some mail... to my stitcher's angel.

The first stitched item I sent wasn't wonderful, but I figured I could only improve. I didn't. After several projects I tried, I gave up on embroidery, and fell back on trusted skills. Which I didn't photograph. But here is the link to Carol's lovely blog where you can see the bags I sent her.

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JazyJae's said...

Glad to see it arrived! Months late.... I have a habit of putting parcels somewhere then forgetting I stashed them away so think I have sent them till later when I find the parcel under stack of fabric.