3 Oct 2009

Blogtober 3

Last month, I received a lovely surprise in the mail.

Some time ago, I was blog browsing, and thinking about what I should knit next... when I realised I could give away some of my unwanted stash to someone who could possibly would want it. Olivia makes delightful felted pears, amongst other things, and accepted my unwanted wool.

And look what she sent me;

They're adorable little pears, and so tactile... The children deeply covet these, but I am ignoring their requests, and enjoying these pears.

Thanks so much, Olivia.

If you'd like some pears too, the Craft ACT shop is the place to go.


2paw said...

Olivia's felted pears and polka dot bowls are beautiful. You are indeed lucky!!!

Ruth's Place said...

They are beautiful!

Olivia said...

So glad you liked them. I'm still thinking about what the beautiful Noro will become. The Armytage was put to work rapidly, of course!

Austy's Mum said...

Oh they are gorgeous! I love handmade food toys for the kids to play with. Too cute and lovely and fuzzy!