13 Oct 2009

Blogtober 13

Firstly, the Mad Quilting Librarian is having a jelly roll giveaway - go sign up :)

Secondly, I'm going on a quilting retreat this weekend, which is very exciting. No machines are allowed, so I'm working like crazy so I have enough hand work to take. Of course, I could just start a new project.... or pull out an old UFO, I suppose.

Thirdly, school is back. This is my last term as a stay-at-home-mother, and I really need to start creating like crazy - it's time to start making lists, because this time is precious.


tooznie said...

Lucky duck! Where is this fun sounding weekend? Asking cause I'in NSW too and never seem to clue into these events until they are finished!

Leah said...

Hi Tooznie,
It's run by the Canberra Quilters, and is at a place called Warambui :) Can't wait... and yes, I do feel like a lucky duck :)

Cascade Lily said...

Lucky you - hopefully I'll be able to go on one next year :)

This term is my last at home too. Very sad I am. Especially about having been too exhausted to craft much for the past year!