17 Sep 2009

My creative space...

No prettying up before photographs here, as you can plainly see.

This week my space includes;
* a stack of Christmas/birthday presents soon to be ferried over to the UK by my Mum.
* a crate of Sindy doll house furniture - currently deciding whether to keep and play... or sell on eBay and possibly make a fortune (or possibly not!)
* fabrics for two different versions of my latest doll quilt project - one for my first inspiration, and one a little more suited to my swap partner's preferences.

Oh, and the two sewing machines - one is my very own bottom-of-the-range-first-tax-refund-machine, which does not drop it's feed dogs. The other is my late Mama's bottom-of-the-range-machine, which does drop it's feed dogs. I'm in the process of swapping!

I've spent the morning volunteering at preschool, and am fairly spent myself, so I expect creativity will have to wait until tomorrow.

More creative spaces here.


kellie said...

Wow, great organisation. Guess you have to be to send overseas! I haven't even thought about Christmas!

Nikki Cardigan said...

Definately definately keep and play for the Sindy furniture. That is a treasure to keep.

Enjoy your rest. After a morning at preschool you deserve it!

Penny (AKA MissyP) said...

Creative Space? Pht! I can't get past your 'About me' blurb. Classic, utter classic - and boy do I relate!

Amanda said...

Hope you got enough rest..I am dragging a bit today myself..blah..Love the slightly messy space, it's the only way to go!