30 Sep 2009

Getting ready

for Blogtober.

It starts tomorrow, and involves daily blogging. I think it might be just the thing I need to revitalise my publishing habits.

Sign up here.

20 Sep 2009

Swap goodness

My Doll Quilt has arrived from Bronwyn of Whippet Good, and look how lovely it is;

Based on a Material Obsession pattern, it's a fresh little quilt, with an adorable bird and her nest.

Bronwyn also sent some sock monkey fabrics - I'm sure I can find a use for these!

Thanks so much :)

17 Sep 2009

My creative space...

No prettying up before photographs here, as you can plainly see.

This week my space includes;
* a stack of Christmas/birthday presents soon to be ferried over to the UK by my Mum.
* a crate of Sindy doll house furniture - currently deciding whether to keep and play... or sell on eBay and possibly make a fortune (or possibly not!)
* fabrics for two different versions of my latest doll quilt project - one for my first inspiration, and one a little more suited to my swap partner's preferences.

Oh, and the two sewing machines - one is my very own bottom-of-the-range-first-tax-refund-machine, which does not drop it's feed dogs. The other is my late Mama's bottom-of-the-range-machine, which does drop it's feed dogs. I'm in the process of swapping!

I've spent the morning volunteering at preschool, and am fairly spent myself, so I expect creativity will have to wait until tomorrow.

More creative spaces here.

13 Sep 2009

Long distance cuddle

is what I'm thinking of calling this newly finished baby quilt. It's for my next niece/nephew, who will be born and live in England. Of course, calling it this may well upset my sister, who is not only full of pregnancy hormones, but also is frequently homesick.

I'm happy with the piecing of this quilt, and fairly happy with the quilting. It's the first project I've tried machine quilting on with a walking foot, and looks pretty good. The recipient won't be fussy anyway.

10 Sep 2009

My creative space

Once again, I've made a mess in my creative space. Front and centre is my list of commitments. Essential for my crafting time at present.

Also included are the mostly quilted baby quilt, a pile of fabrics ready to be turned into more 9patches, my new darning foot, ready for some free-motioning experiments, and my assorted sewing machines.

I've finally moved the sewing machine into the creative haven, but have hit a snag. It's oak table will not fit in (legs too long, table top too wide, hallway too sharp corners) so I've had to use a folding trestle, which bounces when the machine sews too fast. It's also the wrong size, so is not at all efficient an arrangement. But it's better than not sewing!

More creative spaces here...

Astronauts... and a dolly.

Five weeks ago, my twin nephews (3) had a joint birthday party with their sister (1).

As well as some fabulous art, I wanted to make them each a present.

Hence, the astronauts;

and the dolly.

The dolly is based on Kate's Maisie pattern from More Softies.

DQS7 complete

Actually, it was posted a week ago.

I was happy with this quilt - my partners likes included brights, and just about all her flickr favourites included a spectrum.

My machine quilting was much improved... although I've just bought a walking foot, and a darning foot, so the sky's the limit now!

3 Sep 2009

My creative space

My creative space this week is the kitchen floor. Last time's Doll Quilt Swap 7 is ready to be posted today, and deserves a(nother) post of it's own.

This week's project is four nine patch blocks. Ready to be sliced in half and resewn as a disappearing nine patch top. The blocks were sewn out of five inch squares swapped in February - which made this project SO much quicker.