30 Aug 2009


This is my blog according to Wordle.

Nice footprint, isn't it?

Catching up

Over the last week, I've been busy. We've had a trip to Sydney to visit the baby elephant, and I've been quilting frantically in my spare moments. Also working on my new Stitcher's Angel project.

The computer also decided to stop reading my photo card. It's started again today, so aproper post should be coming soon.

In the meantime, here's another peek at how my doll quilt is progressing.

18 Aug 2009

16 Aug 2009

16 down...

Nine patches, that is. I'm so glad - they'd been weighing on my mind. One more batch, and then I've fulfilled my commitment, and can start looking forward to getting mine back.

Thanks for all the well wishes - I've been babying myself, and boosting my Berocca and beef intakes... and it seems to be working.

Yesterday I even spent some time working on my doll quilt.

13 Aug 2009

My Creative Space

Today, it's quilting in the kitchen. My kitchen isn't large, but the benchtops are a fabulous height for rotary cutting. I've brought the ironing board in too - the pantry can't open, but it's a great workspace.

Unfortunately, I'm still not well*, so my legs get really sore standing too long - so these nine patches are taking far too long. Surely I'll get to sewing today though...

* What was thought to be whooping cough, weeks ago, has turned out to be glandular fever, which is lingering... and REALLY annoying me.

More creative spaces here

9 Aug 2009

Canberra Quilt Show

This weekend, I've spent some time at the Canberra Quilter's Annual Show. My eyes were boggled by some superb quilts, and I think spots will definitely be making an appearance in my work soon. Congratulations to all the winners, and next year I hope a quilt of mine will be hanging with all the others.

There was good assortment of shops to browse at (although I dearly would have liked to see Amitie and Material Obsession represented...) I was fairly restrained in my purchases, just buying some flowerhead pins ( my old ones did not live up to the beautiful new pincushion ) and a Curvemaster foot. I've been planning to buy a quarter inch foot, and this one will do that as well as curves.

I also bought a Canberra Quilters cookbook.

It's got some lovely recipes in it, but best of all, it's got a picture of my quilt on the back cover (along with 15 others.)

Appley goodness

Not so long ago, I won a giveaway on Craftapalooza. It was very exciting to receive this lovely apple pincushion in the mail recently.

I especially love the apple's leather stalk,

and the button base, which provides that typical apple shape.

Thanks so much!