26 Jul 2009

UFO no more

As in, today I took the Un out of an Un Finished Object.

'The Colours of Australia' was made as a result of a fabric swap organised through the Southern Cross Quilters to celebrate the Centenary of Federation in Australia.

In 2001, 100 swappers cut up quite a lot of fabric into 100 6 1/2 inch squares and sent them to a central location (Vikki, I believe), who swapped them and sent us back 100 different squares each. We also swapped 2 inch signature squares, which I haveused as part of my backing.

Today, I sewed on the binding, and the quilt is complete, and 60 inches square.

The individual Australian map blocks are foundation pieced using a pattern from Oz Dye Art Fabrics, a sadly now defunct Australian business.

I wanted to make something with a touch of patriotism after seeing so many US flags incorpated into quilts. I considered our flag, but instead used some flag fabric and our map.

Another Centenary of Federation Quilt made with fabrics from the same swap by Barbara Barko can be seen here.
Better photos tomorrow.... when the sun shines.


Frou said...

Hi Leah, it was me who organised this swap! And you've done very well, my squares are still in the bag I put them in after swapping!

Michelle said...

I remember the COF swap! I wasn't part of it, but I have seen a few quilts. Yours is just lovely! You must be very proud and happy.

ozjane said...

My square is 6th from the left in the top row...I think
Well done....I still have squares.

Ruth's Place said...

It looks great! I love those pieced Australias.