28 May 2009

Swap Goodness

My lovely parcel guy dropped in today with a wonderful package from Snailblazer Cass.

This lovely swap involved lots of Australian bloggers creating and sharing 10 handmade goodies. Being a relatively slack blogger, I only just made the deadline, so didn't photograph my 10 finished knitted washcloths. Neither did I wrap and label my handiwork. Luckily, the lovely Cass wrapped all the goodies, which made for a very exciting unwrapping today.

And look at the contents!

Thanks to Cass' organised list I can tell you that;
Suzanne made the headband
Sarah made the Diary/ pen holder
Natasha made the tissue holder
Bec made the iPod/camera/phone cozy
Jo made the cards
Danielle made the zippered purse
Sophie made the brooch
Kat made the makeup purse
Monica made the hanging chain
and Kylie made the hair tie travel case.

Thanks so much crafty women - I'm delighted with my parcel.

Yes, there are an awful lot of adjectives in this post, but I was really, really excited!


Jo said...

Thanks Leah for the pretty knitted washcloth, you are so clever!!

Kat said...

I am so glad that you liked your makeup purse. I can't wait to received my package.

littlelovelies said...

cute swap!!! look at all those goodies!! i like the birdie cards the best!!

p.s. I am hosting a giveaway for a beautiful handmade ceramic item donated by 'love grows by giving' - you can enter here.

x nadine
little lovelies

BeckyEtal said...

I love the knitted washcloth you made, which I photographed on this end :)
It was a VERY exciting morning here today!

Kylie said...

Hey Leah,
Thanks for the lovely knitted wash cloth. It almost seems to pretty to use! I can't knit for peanuts, so think this is wonderful...
I'm following along on your blog now, so can't wait to see more knitted goodies appearing!
Kylie xx

Dani said...

Leah, I am amazed that you knitted all those face washes! Well done it would take me a year to get them all done Im sure. Thanks I love my colourful one, its so soft cant wait to use it!

Monica @ bpab said...

Thanks sooo much for my wash cloth! The detail around the edging is great. Thanks for a fun swap!

Sarah C said...

Thanks Leah for the knitted wash cloth I love the texture.

Tasha said...

Thankyou so much for the washcloth it is my first one ever!! I hope the tissue holder comes in handy ;)

sophie said...

Thank you so much for the washer, it is so lovely and my little girls love using it in the bath.