8 May 2009

Summer's Open Sandwich

is my food themed quilt, which was finished up in time for the meeting last night. Talking of which, the meeting was most interesting, with a guest speaker showing exactly how the Bali batiks she sells are made, and another showing fibres from a textile tour of India.

My quilt included raw edge applique over a layer of organza, french knots, hand and machine quilting.

This is the most machine quilting I've done on an article so far, and I was happy with the way it turned out (not quite as wavy as the picture looks.)

It's not a fabulous quilt, but it's done, used my ideas, and extended my skills so I'm very pleased.


Olivia said...

I like that! It's so bright and a bit unusual.

Lucy Bowler said...

That is so a fabulous quilt! Just remarkable. Very inspiring.

Cascade Lily said...

Oh well done Leah! I toyed with the idea of entering, but decided I have, sadly, other priorities right now :)

JustJess said...

I love the idea behind the quilt, I can't wait to see more of it!

Anonymous said...

Good on you and yummy - makes me hungry!!!! =] I really must play more with machine quilting myself but it always scares me! You have done an amazing job =]