24 May 2009


Earlier this year, I signed up for Chaletgirl's 9 patch swap.

At the end of the swap, we'll each receive 48 blocks back, ready to be sewn immediately into a lovely quilt.

I'm enjoying the challenge of matching fabrics - some materials I absolutely love match absolutely nothing! Well, almost.

This is a selection of the blocks I've made so far.

I've just had a random thought - long ago, I participated in several SCQuilters swaps. I made a baby quilt for my son out of black and white swapped 9 patches and charm squares. Surely, somewhere in the cupboard I have 20 or 30 batik 9 patches...

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Sandra @ Pepperberry and Co. said...

Ooh- I just saw your blog title on another blog and I just had to visit, because I LOVE Puggles!! Do you have one? Sigh. They were such wonderful creatures. :-) Anyway... nice to "meet" you! xx