24 May 2009

More winter woollies

This time for my sister. We've just spent a fortnight with my English sister, her 2 children (4 and 2) and my parents staying in our house. We saw my Canberra sister and her children (2,2, and nearly 1) at least daily, and are now all utterly exhausted. The children played surprisingly well with each other, and the adults spent heaps of time together (even if it was spent watching the children.) Last time we were all together was Christmas 2007. Not that long really, but we miss out on so much being so far away from each other. I really wish my brother-in-law would seriously consider living in Australia.

Anyway, for my sister's birthday, I have knitted a scarf from Malabrigo wool. It's soft, and cosy and should be perfect to keep her warm in an icy winter.


Michelle said...

What a beautiful scarf!

Suzanne said...

WOW, that scarf looks amazing. Almost as good as the lovely knitted cloth I just received from you :) I love it!! Thank you so much. Its actually on my sink as I type - love love love it :) :)

Ruth's Place said...

It's gorgeous!