25 May 2009

Getting bigger...

The soccer season has started, and Lucas is playing in the 6 year olds competition. They have 5 on the field at a time, and there are four games on a normal field. Dh loves his soccer, so is being fairly frustrated watching the games, as Lucas is not an attacking player (and why would he be? Everything behaviour-wise we've taught our children has been in the vein of being gentle and respectful of others.)

Lucas insists he is getting bigger, and more capable. He wants to walk to school alone, he wants to catch the bus alone, he is bursting with confidence. Until something unexpected happens.

This morning, we were walking up to the school when I realised his hat was still in the car. I told him to go up, unpack and we'd meet him at assembly. When we got up outside the classroom, my little boy was standing there with his bag, completely unsure. His name tag was no longer on a hook, so he didn't know where to put his bag. Stymied completely.

Not so big.

Last week, Lucas had Show and Tell on Monday afternoon. His item to show was a brand new tooth, which erupted behind his front lower teeth, as well as a wobbly front tooth. During dinner, I got him to show me the teeth, and the front tooth was gone... Dh instituted a search through the house for the missing tooth, and found something small and white which passed muster. Luckily, because it was our first visit from the tooth fairy, and the excitement was intense.

Definitely getting bigger.


Tania said...

Er, yes. The first ever tooth to be lost in this household was very lost (swallowed). There were a lot of tears involved (and any retrieval brainstorming firmly rejected) while an extremely long and drawn out explanatory letter was written in curly small writing. Phew.

katelnorth said...

We have found in our house that the tooth fairy is very understanding about lost teeth - this has happened at least once and a nice note left wherever the tooth would be left, seems to do the trick. I explained to the child in question that part of the magic of tooth fairies is knowing that you really did lose a tooth, even if you can't find said tooth. I'm sure the same would be true in your house, should the occasion ever arise - I think tooth fairies across the world are much the same...

(I have a 6YO boy as well, so could imagine exactly your description!)