1 May 2009

Book business

The last two years or so I have been deeply attached to The Book Depository for my online book buying. It's still great, but this post by Claudine has opened my eyes further.

Booko is a wonderful tool which compares book prices, including delivery for Australians.

Definitely worth a look for EVERY book purchase.


Cass said...

I'm off to check Booko out. I just ordered off Fishpond for the first time and more than 3 weeks later it still hasn't arrived so I think I will stick with the Book Depository as I never have problems with them

Michelle said...

That's a great resource! I used to use another site which compared prices (name escapes me) but I found Book Depository always came out on top. Plus Fishpond has stuffed me around WAY too often to ever consider buying from them again.