6 Apr 2009

Monochromatic... and beautiful!

Just look at this beautiful quilt from Kris of Life at Rosemary Hill.

It's so lovely - look at all those diamonds (which match up neatly at the points!) The lovely quilting!

I think I'm in love.

Thank you so much, Kris. I'm very grateful to receive this lovely artwork.


Kris said...

Phew! So glad you like it Leah! I had a lovely time making it. Oh, and the cold place we were in (the story that goes with the quilt) was Canberra. I didn't want to give away who I was posting it to! When I got your details it said that you wanted winter, but not Christmas because for us that is summer. So I wanted to give you my Canberra winter experience. (When everyone else went up Telstra Tower and I didn't!) Hope you have a great week and a lovely easter break!

katelnorth said...

What a great quilt - the quilts from this swap were so lovely - what a good idea Margaret had!

Bronwyn said...

That is absolutely stunning!!

AJ said...

WOW Leah!! That is a great quilt...love the colour!! Well Done Kris!!