30 Apr 2009

My creative space

Blogging seems to have slipped through the cracks under the strain of another week away, and preparing to return to school.

This time my creative space has been the kitchen. The bench is my absolute favourite place to rotary cut fabrics - it's the perfect height, and I can move around the end. Unfortunately, I'm not tidy, and it's rarely clear enough for this.

I am hatching a plan to swap the children's bedrooms around, leaving me a large space for a crafty computery 'heaven', oops I mean 'haven', oops I mean 'room'. It will probably take a month, with the arguments lessened by the need for reshuffling while my English sister visits, but that's my plan, and I'm very excited by it. Since the budget is small, I expect the kitchen bench will remain the preferred cutting location.

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20 Apr 2009

Easter Road Trip

Easter was spent at Phillip Island, where we ate chocolate, visited the penguins, and had a lovely time. It's a good thing we don't live in Melbourne, or we'd probably have to buy a holiday house there.

We then spent time in Melbourne, including a visit to the Antartic penguins at the Melbourne Aquarium,

and our last stop was the fabulous Kidstown playground in Mooroopna.

And as for the craft project, it's still not done. The kids and I are off to my folks place tomorrow, so posting will continue to be patchy for the next week or so.

9 Apr 2009

My creative space

We're off on a road trip over Easter, so this is my portable creative space.

Hopefully I'll return with pictures of a finished object. As well as pictures of a fabulous break, of course.

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8 Apr 2009


With the impending Easter break in mind, I've been sewing organisers for the car, to hopefully minimise the lost 'stuff' in the back seat.

I've been following these excellent instructions by Alicia of the Mayfly, and they've been remarkably simple.

There has also been a lot of list making, and planning going on. Travelling on Good Friday has distinct disadvantages (traffic, no shops open) but really it's unavoidable to make the most of our time.

6 Apr 2009

Monochromatic... and beautiful!

Just look at this beautiful quilt from Kris of Life at Rosemary Hill.

It's so lovely - look at all those diamonds (which match up neatly at the points!) The lovely quilting!

I think I'm in love.

Thank you so much, Kris. I'm very grateful to receive this lovely artwork.

5 Apr 2009

Monochromatic Quilt

The latest challenge from the Four Seasons Quilt Swap was a monochromatic quilt. My recipient requested reds or oranges to depict autumn.

I found this difficult, and worked on a number of different designs.

Seeing my finished work, I'm reminded of fire season.

Relay for Life

A few weeks ago, we spent the weekend in Nowra to participate in the Cancer Council's Relay for Life. It was a mostly optimistic time, and I enjoyed spending time with my friends. I possibly even enjoyed the time spent exercising.

Pirates ahoy!

Lucas celebrated his 6th birthday with a pirate party. All members of his school class were invited, and most attended.

Upon arrival each child received a bandanna and a moustache (eye liner.)

Shortly afterwards, the children played the donut game - eating a donut dangling from the clothesline, using no hands.

Other games were played, including a fabulous treasure hunt following a map, orchestrated by my sister and her husband. The kids handed in their treasure to receive one of my sister's handmade balloon swords.

The cake was an island treasure map. Hidden at various locations under the icing were caches of mini m and ms.

He had a great day.

2 Apr 2009

Battling along....

I've been busy, and lacking motivation in every area of my life... but I'm back now, and feeling better.

So here's my creative space for today

and recent arrivals which have made me happy (yes, they are diamentes on my new pink glasses!)

I hope to be back soon with posts recording important events, such as the pirate party, and the Relay for Life. First, however, I need to get hand quilting. It needs to be posted tomorrow.