24 Feb 2009


I'm so glad today is nearly over.

We had a good time up the coast for a first birthday (the bunting was well received.)

The 4 hour trip though, was really tiring for the kids. They were tired yesterday, and today was a shocker.

We had electricians arriving at 7.30am to install our ceiling fans (and fix the oven - yippee!!!), so we were all up pretty early. After school, it was straight off to swimming lessons, where the kids both did well, but it took effort to pull themselves out of the pool. Then home, change and back to school for an information evening. Where Annabelle played with some blocks which had been left in the hallway with a do not disturb sign. She was asked to leave them alone (how gently or otherwise I have no idea) and dissolved into tears. Gasping sobs, really.

Then we went to the inlaws for dinner (DH's bright idea), where Lucas had the biggest tantrum of his life. Oh my.

Eventually home, the kids settled in bed, and my sister rang to say she was thinking of us. That undid me totally.

Today it's two years since my sweet Nalani was born, and died so quietly. I miss her.


Kat said...

You are in my thoughts and prayers. I hope you wake up tomorrow and have a much better day.

Emma said...

Of course you miss her (hugs). I hope today wasn't too hard.

JustJess said...

I hope that your day today is brighter.

Where was that pool in the photo please? My kids declared it 'awesome'!


Rialla-T said...

Just sending (((HUGS)))

Janet said...

anniversaries are so hard, aren't they?

thinking of you xj

Leah said...

Thanks for you comments :) Jess, the waterpark is on the foreshore at The Entrance (central coast) - almost worth the trip by itself. And, it's free!

Cascade Lily said...

Leah, sending hugs to you on such a sad anniversary.

That foreshore pool looks THE BUSINESS!

Blossom said...

gentle hugs as you miss your sweet girl.