3 Feb 2009

School days

have begun.

My big boy, Lucas started school yesterday.

He seems quite happy with it, and was surprised not to get any homework on his first day.

He also learnt how to slide down the firemans pole at the playground.

He didn't cry, and neither did I (although I could have, quite easily, and still could... except for my Annabelle who's been close ever since.)

It was a big day.


Gabrielle said...

Congratulations to you both! What a huge milestone and it sounds like Lucas handled it so well, you must be very proud of him.

mellyandrosie said...

Oh you are good Leah, not crying!!! I think I did a number of times and I still feel sad 2 days in!! I think I have started worrying too much about how he will go and fit in etc etc etc. Ah well - only 12 years to go!!!

Kate said...

I am glad you both survived - it is such a big thing starting school!

Katy said...

you didn't cry? Not even a little? I bawled when my big one started school. He looks so handsome in that uniform - I hope he still enjoys it after the full week has passed!!!

Christy A. said...

That is a milestone! Congrats!

Leanne said...

Oh that brought a tear I remember when my Lucas started school and now he is a big hairy 20 year old. Cherish the moments.