28 Feb 2009


I've been busy lately. With Annabelle in preschool 9-1 three days a week. I thought my time would be expanding. I would be designing, quilting, sewing, thinking, knitting, gardening, reading. Mostly, of course, I've been doing the grocery shopping, hanging the washing, trying to catch up with the housework, going to the bank and the post office.

But yesterday, I spent the morning cutting. My sewing machine is located in a corner of our bedroom, with easy access to the ironing board, but no cutting table. Since most of my fabric requires ironing before cutting, it's a slow process. Until yesterday, when I opened up our bedroom external door, and used the outside table. A young magpie kept me company, and was sitting on the cutting table when I came back with more material (which is kept in yet another place - efficiency is rare in my life!) I didn't get a photo of that, but he's fairly close in this picture.

I'm planning on doing more cutting soon, after signing up for Chaletgirl's block swap.

In other happy pursuits, I made pizza for dinner (I'm currently addicted to cooking with yeast). Since I'm still coming to terms with being lactose intolerant, it was probably a good thing I wasn't going to eat at home. It smelt delicious, especially the garlic pizza. I am so, so, so, so happy my oven has been fixed. It's been nearly a year... and tonight we're having a roast.

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Michelle said...

There is honestly nothing better than quilting outside. I used to do it at our old house under the umbrella. I really should dig that umbrella out again!