28 Feb 2009


I've been busy lately. With Annabelle in preschool 9-1 three days a week. I thought my time would be expanding. I would be designing, quilting, sewing, thinking, knitting, gardening, reading. Mostly, of course, I've been doing the grocery shopping, hanging the washing, trying to catch up with the housework, going to the bank and the post office.

But yesterday, I spent the morning cutting. My sewing machine is located in a corner of our bedroom, with easy access to the ironing board, but no cutting table. Since most of my fabric requires ironing before cutting, it's a slow process. Until yesterday, when I opened up our bedroom external door, and used the outside table. A young magpie kept me company, and was sitting on the cutting table when I came back with more material (which is kept in yet another place - efficiency is rare in my life!) I didn't get a photo of that, but he's fairly close in this picture.

I'm planning on doing more cutting soon, after signing up for Chaletgirl's block swap.

In other happy pursuits, I made pizza for dinner (I'm currently addicted to cooking with yeast). Since I'm still coming to terms with being lactose intolerant, it was probably a good thing I wasn't going to eat at home. It smelt delicious, especially the garlic pizza. I am so, so, so, so happy my oven has been fixed. It's been nearly a year... and tonight we're having a roast.

26 Feb 2009


(aren't you glad this isn't a blog with automatic music playing, or the Beatles would be in your head all day long...)

As I was saying, yesterday a friend called. We haven't spoken for at least 5 years, and communicated very sparsely for a long time before that. She was working on campus at our old University now, and rang to say that it's 20 years since our first day.

So, my mind spent the afternoon and evening thinking about yesterday...

I don't have many photos of my Uni days, since it was the pre-digital era, and my budget was small. However, this is taken at my 21st birthday party, of my closest Ruralie friends.

It was great to talk to my friend yesterday, and I'd love to catch up with Des, Steph and Jess as well. Maybe I'll spend some time with google...

24 Feb 2009


I'm so glad today is nearly over.

We had a good time up the coast for a first birthday (the bunting was well received.)

The 4 hour trip though, was really tiring for the kids. They were tired yesterday, and today was a shocker.

We had electricians arriving at 7.30am to install our ceiling fans (and fix the oven - yippee!!!), so we were all up pretty early. After school, it was straight off to swimming lessons, where the kids both did well, but it took effort to pull themselves out of the pool. Then home, change and back to school for an information evening. Where Annabelle played with some blocks which had been left in the hallway with a do not disturb sign. She was asked to leave them alone (how gently or otherwise I have no idea) and dissolved into tears. Gasping sobs, really.

Then we went to the inlaws for dinner (DH's bright idea), where Lucas had the biggest tantrum of his life. Oh my.

Eventually home, the kids settled in bed, and my sister rang to say she was thinking of us. That undid me totally.

Today it's two years since my sweet Nalani was born, and died so quietly. I miss her.

19 Feb 2009

My creative space

where progress is finally being made (I think) on my monochromatic quilt.

This is not my first attempt.

See other people's creative spaces here.

17 Feb 2009

Finished object!

This birthday bunting has used up far too much time and energy....

but I love it....

and want to keep it.

Luckily, my latest package from Amitie arrived, and I'm definitely keeping that!

9 Feb 2009


Australians are looking for comfort right now. Bushfires causing terrible loss of life, and homes. Tapping into fears all too many people share on our volatile continent. The other end of the country is suffering with flooding.

I'm lucky to be sitting here wearing my favourite comfort slippers (fortunately the hot spell has finally broken), listening to my children play and DH communing with English soccer after we spent the day with my firefighter Mum.

We're safe, but sick with anxiety about those who are not.

6 Feb 2009

And the winner is....

Random Integer Generator
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So the winner is;
Digital Misfit said...
What beautiful & fun prints! I would love to play with those in my projects!


I'll be in contact :)

4 Feb 2009

The Giveaway Post

300grams or so of a range of fabrics from my stash. Most are by Debbie Mumm, including 30cm of 'label' style material. They're all washed, and I'm pretty sure they've all been in my stash since 2000 - virtually vintage!

Visit Katy for plenty more giveaways TODAY.

3 Feb 2009

School days

have begun.

My big boy, Lucas started school yesterday.

He seems quite happy with it, and was surprised not to get any homework on his first day.

He also learnt how to slide down the firemans pole at the playground.

He didn't cry, and neither did I (although I could have, quite easily, and still could... except for my Annabelle who's been close ever since.)

It was a big day.