12 Jan 2009

A quick summary and a resolution or two...

So, I did do something in 2008 - in fact, quite a few somethings! It makes me happy to look at this mosaic.

2009 will be the year I rediscover how to crochet. I'll also be FINISHING some knitting.

I'll be taking a class in machine quilting, and practising my newly acquired skills. I'll also be participating in more challenge type things, and doing fewer swaps. I'm also planning to complete at least one bed quilt.

Blogging wise, 2009 will be the year of commenting. It's very easy to just read rather than visiting and interacting - so at least 5 per day is my aim.

I'll also be recording my Creative Space on Thursdays, with thanks to kootoyoo for a great idea.

Healthwise, I'm committing to breakfast.

And under the heading of truly momentous, I'm thinking of applying for a job.

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Kellie said...

What beautiful mosaic!

Car said...

Good Luck with the resolutions :)
Your mosaic of goodies - looks great :)