8 Dec 2009

The jigsaw bag

is done.

This pattern was from the Willing Hands Club, with projects by Robyn Pandolph, back in 2001. It's a great little pattern, which can be modified by using different fabrics, appliqueing designs on the bag etc, but it also nice plain.

7 Dec 2009

Christmas Quilt Swap

Just look what the lovely Lee of Lala's Lovelys sent me;

Thanks so much Lee, it's lovely.

This swap was run by the fabulous Margaret as part of the Four Seasons Quilt Swap.

6 Dec 2009


to Cosy of Comfy and Cosy. You're the lucky winner of my Giveaway, and thanks everyone for visiting and entering!

3 Dec 2009

My creative space

(scroll down for the giveaway post)

Today my creative space involves quilting. It's a snazzy little bag which comes together like a jigsaw puzzle - hopefully finished pictures tomorrow!

More creative spaces here.

2 Dec 2009

Giveaway Day!

Over at Sew Mama Sew it's Giveaway Day.

As my giveaway, I'm giving away 9 fat eighths of Debbie Mumm fabric. I have no memory of how this came to be in my stash (possibly even someone else's giveaway?) No idea.

To have this little pack come to live in you stash, just leave a comment below by midnight December 5 (Canberra time, of course).
Good luck!

The Giveaway has now ended! I'll be back shortly with a winner.

27 Nov 2009

Starry paper fun

After reading about this lovely star tutorial on Whipup this morning, of course I had to try one.

So much fun. I used scrapbooking paper, which was a mistake since it is only printed on one side. Such fun - I'll be making more before Christmas for sure.

Oh, and LDH is having a star giveaway on her site, so do go and visit!

Lovely mail!

A while ago, I was lucky enough to win a giveaway from Xena, and my bundle of goodies arrived yesterday.

My favourite thing is the bag - it's just the perfect size for a magazine and a bit more... - straight to my handbag for shopping trips, I think!

I've also been sending some mail... to my stitcher's angel.

The first stitched item I sent wasn't wonderful, but I figured I could only improve. I didn't. After several projects I tried, I gave up on embroidery, and fell back on trusted skills. Which I didn't photograph. But here is the link to Carol's lovely blog where you can see the bags I sent her.

23 Nov 2009

Christmas Angels

Christmas craft is well underway at preschool, where I volunteered my time last Thursday. I loved these little angels - so simple and effective.

First draw up this template and cut out of very light card. Cut the outer circle with fancy scissors, to give an edged effect, and the short lines and inner shape with straight scissors. The preschool then painted their shapes, but I just used scrapbooking paper.

The simply curve the paper around and slide the short cuts on opposite sides of the circle together to form the cone, with the left over sections forming the wings. Sounds tricky, but really is straightforward.

I'm planning to make some out of fabric next...

20 Nov 2009

Christmas Quilt

I signed up for the latest round of the Four Seasons Quilt Swap because it was a holiday theme. Specifically, Christmas, unless requested otherwise.

My swap partner didn't have any criteria, but from reading her blog it became apparent that she prefers precise, traditional style quilts.

Now, I don't think I've ever been described as precise, but this is what I came up with.

It's in the style of a paper cut snowflake, including Christmas trees. My first few tries including much more detailed papercuts, including holly leaves, berries and presents. I simply couldn't cut through the layers of fabrics, so it instead I simplified the design to just be trees, which I think is still effective.

I vleisofixed the design on, and stitched the edges down as part of my quilting.

I was quite happy with this little quilt (15 inches square) and hope my recipient likes it too.

19 Nov 2009

My creative space

This week my creative space involves quilting;

and gift selection - it's Christmas list season for me.

I can quite easily get swept away when compiling Santa sacks.. which made it a big day when Lucas came home and told me his best friend doesn't get presents from Santa, 'because you only get presents if you believe in him'.

After a pause, Lucas added 'I believe in Santa.' I do too, sweetheart, I do too.

16 Nov 2009

Summery sunset

We're wilting in the heat... but the sunsets have been spectacular.

14 Nov 2009

Spotty Dolly

On Thursday, I received my EB swap doll quilt from the lovely Adds;

Isn’t it lovely?

She catered for all my requests (which is a very unusual thing in a swap) and I am just delighted.

Thank you, Adds – it will look great on my wall.

9 Nov 2009


Actually, it feels more like summer lately. These little chicks definitely suggest spring though...

I'm really hoping they're hen-chicks, not like last years rooster.

7 Nov 2009


It's opening day for the third annual EB Doll Quilt Swap. I know my recipient has her quilt, so thought I'd publish, and show off what I made.

My first plan was to make a ploughed field by strip piecing the red fabrics, thicker for up close, and thinner strips for further away to give a sense of perspective. I then freehand cut curves in both to represent slight hills, and pieced with my new curved piecing foot (which worked just like it did in the demonstrations.)

The ploughing effect didn't really work (I think the quilt would have had to be bigger to show this properly.)

Next I attached the sky and started appliqueing. The black lines are meant to represent a barbed wire fence, with the silhouette of a blue wren perched upon it.

I hand quilted the entire quilt quite heavily, with variegated perle 8 threads, and loved the effect their shimmer gave.

I was very happy with this little quilt, and hope Mands likes it too.

2 Nov 2009

Tropical break

and it was lovely.

We visited Seaworld;


the Big Pineapple, where we rode in the nutmobile

and Australia Zoo.

As well as strawberry picking,

playing on the beach,


and generally not relaxing. But my we had some fun!

31 Oct 2009

Blogtober 31


I can admit that this daily posting has been quite a challenge, and a good discipline.

It would have been more worthwhile if I didn't go away for a week during October too... so since the 25th, I've been relying on scheduled posts.

We're soaking up the sun (fingers crossed) and sand in Queensland, and will be back shortly.

30 Oct 2009

Blogtober 30

Last year at this time, I was enjoying happy things.

This year, my happy things are;
1. a doll's quilt almost completed, just like it was making me happy last year.
2. my knitting. It really does calm me when I make the time to sit and stitch.
3. my adjusted diet. I'm finally getting used to be intolerant to lactose, and making an effort to only eat appropriate food. My body really does feel different.
4. warm weather. No doubt I'll soon be complaining about the heat, but right now, it's nice.
5. preschool. I adore having time to myself three times a week.

29 Oct 2009

Blogtober 29

Blogtober's getting difficult now... so I think it's time for a meme.

You Are a Black Panther

You see through people. You understand others' motives and plans.

You have a knack for predicting the future. You just know what people are going to do.

People are attracted to you. You are naturally able to influence other people's thoughts.

You have the charisma to be a beloved guru or dictator. It's all about how you handle it.

Of course I'm a black panther - how couldn't I have realised!

28 Oct 2009

Blogtober 28

More of my Hancocks goodies - but this time I can use them straight away. Well, I could if it wasn't for the list of handmade articles I'm working on right now...

27 Oct 2009

Blogtober 27

On my quilting retreat, I ended up with a sore shoulder from doing so much hand quilting. To give it a break, I also worked on a new knitting project, which I thought would take some peaceful thinking time to begin.

As it turned out, the instructions which didn't make sense when I read them, made perfect, logical sense when I knitted them.

Now, the toes are done, and I'm knitting around and around for the length of the foot.

I've been wanting to start knitting another pair of socks - they're just such a portable empty-brain project!

26 Oct 2009

Blogtober 26

Jackaroo bikkies are are our most recent favourite treat. After reading (and testing out) Bakerella's Cowgirl Cookies, I changed our long time favourite choc chip recipe to come up with these delicious mouthfuls.

Cream 125g butter, 1/2 cup sugar, 1/2 cup brown sugar and 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla.
Add 1 egg and mix in.
Stir in 1 1/4 cups self raising flour, 1/2 cup rolled oats and 1/2 cup mini m&ms.

Dollop teaspoons of mixture onto a baking tray and cook at 175 degrees C for 10-12 minutes.

I know recipes are not a regular feature of this blog, but the blogtober pressure is getting to me!

25 Oct 2009

Blogtober 25

Apples were cheap, so I bought up, and up, and up. The slow cooker is full of apples, half a bottle of ginger ale and a cinnamon stick. Mmmmm...

24 Oct 2009

Blogtober 24

My temperamental daughter enjoyed the wind in her hair in the car this morning.

This afternoon she is crying because Daddy is cutting the grass, and I liked it long....

23 Oct 2009

Blogtober 23

The garden is looking fabulous - we've had lots of rain, and now a bit of warmth, and everything is growing like crazy.

Including the grass.

22 Oct 2009

Blogtober 22

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

with the arrival of this sack of goodies from Hancocks.

DH has taken custody of my Christmas gift;

At a mere US$100, I consider it a bargain. Quilt Romance (currently retailing here for $55) and a 2 metre square quilt kit made completely of Kaffe fabrics... I can't wait for the new year (when I'll have time to sew!)

There were other items included, but I might save them for when I'm feeling bloggily desperate.

21 Oct 2009

Blogtober 21

A short time ago, I was lucky enough to win a giveaway from Toni at Make it Perfect - their new set pattern 'Playschool'. It includes patterns for a smock, bag, pillow and pencil roll - perfect, really!

Thanks so much!

20 Oct 2009

Blogtober 20

Today, Annabelle and I visited the Botanic Gardens. It's a lovely garden, and usually a great bird watching spot.

Not today, possibly due to Annabelle singing in her 'lovely voice' ALL the way around the paths.

Still, the weather was fabulous, the gardens beautiful, and the company happy.

19 Oct 2009

Blogtober 19

While on retreat, I did a class to make a Christmas decoration, which I absolutely love. It's made of cardboard, with thread wrapped around it, and is apparently called 'koma', and seems to be related to temari.

I also completed the applique and quilting of my latest doll quilt ready for the EBDQS - only the binding and label to go now.

The hours of quilting were quite hard on my shoulder, so I also spent some time knitting, and was very pleased to find toe-up socks quite logical (so far, at least.)