7 Dec 2008

Secretive Santa

Today, I went shopping for a Secret Santa gift. I've only met the recipient once, and I know little about her tastes. In the end, I decided on an Oxfam chook. Being a quilting friend, I thought I'd better sew something to go with it, so found Tracey's instructions for a chook pincushion, and got to work. I may add a little chocolate to it, but basically, I'm done.

Edited to add; she was polite about receiving the gift, but later I found out a couple of year she made chooks for everyone. Oh well.

I've also been knitting this week, after I suddenly realised (on Sunday) that a jumper was the perfect gift for one of my English nephews.

Thursday night I sewed all the ends in, and posted it off yesterday. Amazing.


Michelle said...

Wow! That's fast!

And I lvoe the pincushion! I have a kit for a chook like that somewhere around here - will have to find it!

Cascade Lily said...

Hehehehe not a 'poultry' gift!

See you at the Wiggles! (Saw on Helen's blog comments that you're going too. We're going to the 10am show)