29 Dec 2008

Christmas rundown...

Christmas eve we had a BBQ dinner with DH's family, and then went to outdoor mass together. It was very relaxed, with the congregation sitting on picnic rugs and very nice. I prefer indoors though, simply to get the full effect of masses of voices singing together.

Christmas morning we spent discovering the contents of the Santa bags. The kids were delighted. (I've since discovered 5 things so far that didn't make it into the santa sacks....)

Around 11 we went over to DHs sister's place for lunch under the pergola. It was a fairly relaxing day, and the kids enjoyed a swim in the pool. Despite emerging after about 20 minutes with absolutely purple lips - it really wasn't hot. The kids were given far too many cheap plastic toys as usual, but received a few nice things as well.

Returned home around 4, to relax properly.

Photos of fabulous gifts tomorrow... along with thoughts towards new year resolutions.


Kate said...

Sounds like a nice Christmas. Hope you have a great New Year.

Leanne said...

I laughed at the forgotten items for the stocking I use to do that when my kids were young.