7 Nov 2008

Thoughts on quilts

I've had a lot of fun today, waiting for all my fellow swappers to open their parcels, and post pictures of their fabulous quilts.

It's amazing what a variety of styles of quilts have been made, with a fairly small group of people. I must go through and match everyone's preferences up with their quilts (made and received).

Purpose is the biggest factor in my choice of a quilt design. Bed quilt vs wall quilt is the major factor here. (In this swap, I have classed play quilts as bed quilts.)

My bed quilts are usually traditional blocks, usually pieced with a small amount of applique.

Wall quilts are quite different. For those, I make a picture.

Of the two, my wall quilts are much more modern.

Cass, I'm sorry, the quilts I made for you were not modern at all. Modern fabrics in the larger of the two, but still a traditional design. I don't know why I didn't think about this before.

Maybe the next bed quilt should be a purposefully modern design....

1 comment:

Cascade Lily said...

Leah! Do not apologise - the TWO quilts you made were gorgeous!! Of course there's always room to play with ideas, but never a need to apologise for making quilts with love :)

Swaps are pretty nerve-wracking experiences aren't they?