28 Nov 2008


out of the habit of blogging, really. Instead, I've been feeling anxious. No reason, just mounting anxiety. So, I'm spending time in the garden , and thinking about making lists for the approaching Christmas season.

The garden is growing like crazy, thanks to the recent rains.

On Monday, it was my turn for craft at playgroup. We made angels. Lucas was enchanted, and since then has used up 32 paper doilies and is on his second glue stick. Somehow, I'll have to make them into a garland... and if you're expecting a swap parcel from me - expect an angel!

We also received a parcel from my Mum, with Christmas outfits for the kids. They look great.

In other news, I'll be posting both my Back Tack swap, and Sassy Apron Swaps tomorrow morning - I've finally finished sewing the world's slowest apron (not the fault of the pattern either...)

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A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Your playgroup angels look like fun!! I miss those days of fun acitivities with little ones.