30 Nov 2008


Yes, it's my latest sassy apron, ready to be posted off for the swap. I would have done it yesterday with the back tack parcel, but forgot about having to write out a biscuit recipe.

I made the Emmeline apron, but made a few alterations. I didn't have enough fabric to cut bias for the neck/bodice sides, so just used a straight piece. I then decided it wouldn't sit properly along the sides (and thought it looked unnecessarily fiddly too) so just sewed up the sides, and sewed the neck strap as one piece. Despite measuring, the strap was too long, so I slashed it and added a Velcro adjustment section - the photo was taken before this. (A note for the future - if making this apron for me, I would need to increase the bodice section - width and depth.) I'm still pleased with the apron, and hope my swap recipient likes it too.

The next swap in the Four Seasons Quilt Swap will be open in the next week or so. I'll probably sign up again, but what I'd really prefer is a regular challenge theme, all done online, with a gallery at the end. Eliminates postage (says she having just spent nearly as much posting a parcel as I did on the contents!), and and maybe I would see my own style emerging.

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renae said...

Hi Leah,
How are you? I'm so excited to have received my apron! I can't believe it's the Emmeline! My sister bought the pattern a month or so ago and I was going to make myself one for Christmas but put it in the 'not enough time' basket! Now I have one! I love the adjustable strap - great idea. I'm taking it to show my sister on Sunday. I love the snowman cookie cutter too! It's all wonderful!
Keep in touch,
Renae :)