7 Nov 2008

Opening Day!

for the EB Doll Quilt Swap, that is.

Look at this lovely parcel;

I was so excited on Tuesday when my parcel arrived, and I read that it was from Ingrid at Lottielulu. I was lucky enough to receive an apron from Ingrid, and it's one of my favourites. More to the point, I love reading her blog, mainly because of the design and fabric choices she make.

Wel, look at this quilt, and you'll see it's no exception.

Lovely design (so optimistic!), the fabrics are just gorgeous, and superbly sewn.

Thanks so much, Ingrid, I love it!

(sorry, I don't know why that last photo is sideways...)


ingrid said...

YAY, I am so glad (and relieved) you like it :-)
You are a fabulous quilter and so much more experienced than me so I was rather worried about it all.
Please excuse the way I did the thread endings. I am embarrassed to say I didnt know how they were meant to be done until I already had finished.

Helen said...

Ohhhhh its lovely Ingrid! Lucky you Leah! :)

Kylie said...

That is beautiful. I love the red and aqua together, not something I would ever think of, but it looks fantastic.

Cascade Lily said...

Red, aqua and white is one of my all-time fave fabric colour combos. This is indeed GORGEOUS! Lucky you Leah!!

Jennifer said...

i'm so jealous - that quilt is fabulous! i'll have to be inspired and get motivated...