30 Nov 2008


Yes, it's my latest sassy apron, ready to be posted off for the swap. I would have done it yesterday with the back tack parcel, but forgot about having to write out a biscuit recipe.

I made the Emmeline apron, but made a few alterations. I didn't have enough fabric to cut bias for the neck/bodice sides, so just used a straight piece. I then decided it wouldn't sit properly along the sides (and thought it looked unnecessarily fiddly too) so just sewed up the sides, and sewed the neck strap as one piece. Despite measuring, the strap was too long, so I slashed it and added a Velcro adjustment section - the photo was taken before this. (A note for the future - if making this apron for me, I would need to increase the bodice section - width and depth.) I'm still pleased with the apron, and hope my swap recipient likes it too.

The next swap in the Four Seasons Quilt Swap will be open in the next week or so. I'll probably sign up again, but what I'd really prefer is a regular challenge theme, all done online, with a gallery at the end. Eliminates postage (says she having just spent nearly as much posting a parcel as I did on the contents!), and and maybe I would see my own style emerging.

29 Nov 2008


and posted.

Jennifer, your Backtack parcel is in the hands of Australia Post.

28 Nov 2008


out of the habit of blogging, really. Instead, I've been feeling anxious. No reason, just mounting anxiety. So, I'm spending time in the garden , and thinking about making lists for the approaching Christmas season.

The garden is growing like crazy, thanks to the recent rains.

On Monday, it was my turn for craft at playgroup. We made angels. Lucas was enchanted, and since then has used up 32 paper doilies and is on his second glue stick. Somehow, I'll have to make them into a garland... and if you're expecting a swap parcel from me - expect an angel!

We also received a parcel from my Mum, with Christmas outfits for the kids. They look great.

In other news, I'll be posting both my Back Tack swap, and Sassy Apron Swaps tomorrow morning - I've finally finished sewing the world's slowest apron (not the fault of the pattern either...)

23 Nov 2008


As in, just popping in.

There's been some Christmassy crafting...

a wonderful discovery (Mama's sewing machine CAN go faster!)

and a lovely day out with quilting friends. Despite the sleet.

13 Nov 2008

Random Thursday

Exciting mail - the latest package from Amitie's VIP blog program arrived, and it's gorgeous!

Yesterday, I got sick of the birds eating my vegie plants, and covered the garden in bird netting. It's held up by an old laundry airer.

Finally, I've made some decisions for a couple of swaps that I'm in, and have started cutting.

7 Nov 2008

Thoughts on quilts

I've had a lot of fun today, waiting for all my fellow swappers to open their parcels, and post pictures of their fabulous quilts.

It's amazing what a variety of styles of quilts have been made, with a fairly small group of people. I must go through and match everyone's preferences up with their quilts (made and received).

Purpose is the biggest factor in my choice of a quilt design. Bed quilt vs wall quilt is the major factor here. (In this swap, I have classed play quilts as bed quilts.)

My bed quilts are usually traditional blocks, usually pieced with a small amount of applique.

Wall quilts are quite different. For those, I make a picture.

Of the two, my wall quilts are much more modern.

Cass, I'm sorry, the quilts I made for you were not modern at all. Modern fabrics in the larger of the two, but still a traditional design. I don't know why I didn't think about this before.

Maybe the next bed quilt should be a purposefully modern design....

The other side

of the swap, that is.

My swap recipient was Cass, of http://snailblazer.blogspot.com

Cass requested a play quilt, with modern style, any techniques, and fresh, modern or retro fabrics. However, she has two children, so I couldn't resist making a quilt for each of them.

I practised my machine quilting, and was fairly pleased with the heart motifs I managed on this quilt.

My yoyo maker also finally got used too. Definitely an easy way to make these little puffs.

Yoyos tend to be either loved or hated. I quite like them, so was delighted I could include them. As it turned out, I only used one.

Opening Day!

for the EB Doll Quilt Swap, that is.

Look at this lovely parcel;

I was so excited on Tuesday when my parcel arrived, and I read that it was from Ingrid at Lottielulu. I was lucky enough to receive an apron from Ingrid, and it's one of my favourites. More to the point, I love reading her blog, mainly because of the design and fabric choices she make.

Wel, look at this quilt, and you'll see it's no exception.

Lovely design (so optimistic!), the fabrics are just gorgeous, and superbly sewn.

Thanks so much, Ingrid, I love it!

(sorry, I don't know why that last photo is sideways...)

5 Nov 2008

Fewer words....

seem to be making it into my posts lately. I'm very much about the pictures, and brief explanations (except the bbq fire - that got lots of words.) I think it's also because too much thinking seems to lead very easily into 'down' days.

So, in the interest of maintaining my equilibrium, here are some more photos (no tonsils, Lily!) and a few words.

My latest knitting project, a short sleeved summer cardigan. I haven't finished any of the other things I'm knitting for myself, however, of course that won't stop me starting something new...

Some quilt binding;

Today's mail; Sew Hip magazine. To be savoured later with a cup of tea.

Another washcloth. This one is taking a while, since I parsimoniously refuse to print out the three page pattern, so have to knit at the computer.

Today's clean washing (3 loads! lucky it was a pretty good drying day!), after an all-nighter spent with Annabelle vomiting. Poor thing.

2 Nov 2008

Stash Sunday

Just one from my stash;

I was given this fat quarter as part of a birthday swap a few years ago. I requested realistic looking flowers, and this was probably my favourite out of the ones I received. Still unused, though.

Regarding the fire blanket picture in my last post, yes, we did have a fire. I started the barbecue up, and a minute or two later the connection came apart, so the gas bottle was still emitting gas, which was alight. It was pretty alarming, and I tried hosing it to not much effect. (My volunteer firefighting mother tells me this was a good thing to do though, as it would keep the bottle cool.) I then got the fire blanket out of the kitchen, and laid it on top of the gas bottle, and kept hosing. This controlled the flames long enough for me to turn the gas bottle supply off, through the blanket. It probably took about 10 minutes to manage this, all the while talking with the kids through the back door regarding sleeping beauty. I returned shakily inside afterwards, to Lucas jumping out from behind the kitchen cupboards yelling "BOO". It was all I needed.

However, all's well that ends well, and all that. My lovely parents-in-law arrived shortly afterwards, and helped me check out the barbecue, and then proceeded to cook dinner themselves.

Here's a safety tip; fire blankets can only be used once, after which they MUST be discarded and replaced. Cheap at the price, I tell you.

During the week, Annabelle had another night of croup. It's been some time since her last infection, but I guess she hasn't grown out of it yet. When we visited the doctor the next day, I was told she also has some mild tonsillitis. So (of course) I googled tonsillitis, and was amazed. I have a very sore throat, so asked DH to look at my tonsils. He wouldn't, so I tried to take photos of them. It didn't work at all, but amused me for quite a while.

Finally, today I went along to a quilting friendship group. Just 7 quilters, gathering at someone's house together to sew and chat. I've been quilting for 13 years now, and this is a first for me. Lovely. I hope there's many more to come.