26 Oct 2008

Sources of happiness

Long, long ago Beth nominated me for a Tree of Happiness award.

At the time, I had trouble thinking of even one thing which could truly make me smile, let alone six. Clearly an attitude problem.

Now, I'm feeling up to giving it a go;
1. Having some time away from home, with my family, doing things we don't usually do (like going to the races, and betting on the 'pink horse', in honour of the Pink Ribbon month of October).

2. Thinking about knitting, gathering supplies, and maybe even casting on...

3. Going to visit an exhibition - with friends, even.

4. Gathering sewing supplies - from my lovely mother, who assures me she will never need all this cotton, and I would be doing her a favour by taking it!

5. Getting up to date with my email inbox. Good intentions count for nothing.
6. Swap deadlines. Truly, there's nothing like a little forced creativity to inspire.

There, that wasn't so hard.
Now, tagging? Sorry, I don't tag (dates back to trauma over picking teams in P.E.)

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