17 Oct 2008

Pedal to the floor

That's the only way my grandmother's sewing machine gets up any speed whatsoever. Anyway, sewing action.

I have made an apron for a swapper whose parcel never arrived. Despite somehow cutting the apron in half during the process, I'm quite pleased with the finished article.

Five out of nine blocks are complete for my upcoming doll quilt swap.

And, I've managed a slightly dodgy log cabin block. Slightly dodgy since Mama's machine has an ever-loosening foot, which messes up my seam allowance. Generally doesn't matter, but this one was aiming to be 8 1/2 inches (instead varies from 8 1/4 to 8 3/4.) This was the better of the two that I made.

Finally, two sleeping bags for Annabelle's babies. These were a priority since the pyjama pants they're made out of would not stay up anymore, but remained VERY popular to wear.


Cascade Lily said...

Leah I find it ahrd enough to sew straight without a loosening foot! Well done.

LOL at Annabelle being able to hula for 5 minutes!

nettie said...

Oh, Leah. I love, love, love my apron. You really are an angel. Thank you so much. I was checking out those gorgeous Autumn fabrics at Addicted to Fabric myself!