12 Oct 2008

Long time passing....

Goodness - time has just run away with me lately. I have had things to blog about, but time has not been under my control at all. I'm very glad I didn't sign up for Blogtober this year.

Firstly, I was lucky enough to win a blogiversary giveaway a while ago from Julie at http://www.fireflylane.blogspot.com , and just look at the wonderful goodies she sent me.

Thanks so much Julie.

I've received my Facecloth swap parcel from the Ravelry swap knitted by the talented blogless Cheryl, and am delighted with it. The soap is scented with rose essential oil, and my whole bathroom smells good.

Also in the way of swaps, I've received a Magic Yarn Ball in another Ravelry swap from blogless Aeonie, and again am delighted. It was just FULL of goodness.

The more patient swapper would knit the yarn, and enjoy the gifts as they become exposed in the ball. I rewound the ball, and enjoyed the gifts immediately!

And finally, we spent some time visiting my family down the coast last weekend. Here's a snap of Annabelle and her grandmother doing the hula. Annabelle can 'hoop' for nearly 5 minutes!


TheCrone said...

Oh that facecloth is divine!

Jennifer said...

wow! 5 minutes is amazing - my kid just goes nuts and the hoop falls - oh well - something to work on. happy back tack!

Maria Rose said...

I love the yarn ball idea!