30 Oct 2008

Happy things

Some things which make me happy right now;
WIP (soon to be a finished (and posted) object)

Wheat... accidentally growing in our garden

Lemon flowers

Black eyed beans - I adore these beans, and haven't been able to find them for ages.

Fire Blanket. Soon to be replaced after an 'incident' on Tuesday night.

The chicks. No longer cute and fluffy, I am so glad they've graduated to the great outdoors.


Michelle said...

The quilt looks good! Once you've posted it will you post a whole photo?

Lucky you with your lemon flowers - we have a couple, but it's not promising, Last year we had none!

Kate said...

I hopr the fire incident wasn't too bad!

Jennifer said...

i'm so jealous of the chicks! i would love to be able to have chickens in our yard!

Cascade Lily said...

What and OMG a fire?

Ruth's Place said...

A Fire!!! Love how you so casually throw that in. Hope it wasn't too bad.derse

essay service said...

funny chickens ))