17 Sep 2008

Short notes...

My Wollmeise sock club wool has arrived, and it's lovely. I'm sharing the club membership with a Ravelry friend, and this is my share - just lovely. (and somewhat tricky to photograph)

On Monday evening, we had a very blowy little storm. Someone's topsoil ended up all over Canberra. Edited to add; after talking to my mother, who lives on the coast roughly 230km away, someone has lost a LOT of topsoil, since it's all landed there too.

Our wattle is starting to bloom, and I guess the sneezing will kick off soon too.

And finally, this is now a common sight in our backyard. The chooks have figured out how to escape from their pen. I've trimmed their wings, but with no effect. We'll have to solve this problem, or my garden will not be at all productive this summer.

1 comment:

Michelle said...

beautiful yarn! And yes, my wattle is in full bloom, and ... ahchoo!

Those chooks are pesky creatures.