6 Sep 2008

Great mail!

Yesterday, my Autumn Sassy Apron arrived.

I was so excited - it's just lovely, and my sister and husband have both commented on how nice it is, without any prompting!

Thank so much Katie - I love it! Apples seem to be one of the nicest symbols of autumn - seasonal while avoiding the cliches - perfect, really.

Meanwhile, knitting is continuing. The sock is powering along, and I have started on my Mystery Stole 4.


Michelle said...

That is a beautiful apron. Lucky duck!

Leanne said...

That apron looks to beautiful to wear.

kt mac said...

Yay I am so glad you like your apron and are receiving compliments :)

I did have lots of fun making it. Funny story while popping over and having a look at your blog I noticed you made your apron for the swap with the Tula Pink dragonfly fabric. I almost used the exact same fabric in your apron but in the blue :P But I couldn't find any other fabric that went nicely with it (I didn't have enough to use for the whole apron)It would of been funny if you got the exact same fabric in return :)Instead you got some ironing board covers re-purposed hehe

Hoping it's not been too cold down in Canberra!