30 Sep 2008

Blossoms again...

The spring time flowers are just so beautiful right now, I can't resist photographing them.

We visited Floriade on the weekend, but I'm not as moved by cleverly designed beds of bulbs as I am by uncared-for trees which are just covered with such pretty flowers. (I know the trees are not cared for, since they're in my garden!)

My parents visited for the weekend, and we all had a nice time. The children spent some time painting gnomes, and next year I'll be doing it too (it was far too hard stifling my creative, directorial urges!)

Finally, I had my second and final hexagon class. The hexagons are looking great, and distinctly spring-like.

I already shared this little story with my online quilting group, but here it is again anyway;

Oh, I forgot to tell you all about one of the quilters in my class. She was talking a LOT, and always about buttocks. I thought this was strange, but never heard enough of the conversation to know WHY she was talking about buttocks. Anyway, just before we all left, she was showing her hexagons off, and complaining about the problems she'd had matching her fabrics, since they were all BATIKS!


Ruth's Place said...

he hee rofl, buttocks! Love it!

Your hexagons are stunning.

Lissa Jane said...

I love your hexagons..... a qayg hexagon quilt is on my ONE day list.. along with a billion other things...

thanks for visiting my blog!


Cascade Lily said...

Oooooh your hexis are looking FABULOUS!!

Gabrielle said...

Those hexagons are beautiful, can't wait to see them all assembled. Love the batiks story too - how funny! I love the spring blossoms in Canberra, they are so delicate and gorgeous but it is all over so quickly, now all the trees are just covered in vibrant green.

Michelle said...

The spring flowers are lovely, aren't they?

And too funny about the buttocks/batiks!