4 Sep 2008

Autumn Apron

Another season in the Sassy Apron Swap, and I've posted off my autumn apron. I was quite pleased with this one - it was made using a pattern from Cindy Taylor Oates "More Retro Apron", which I found at my local patchwork shop.

I've also started on another pair of socks, this time out of some wool we hand dyed a while ago.


Anne said...

I've just started my first sock a few months ago only got two rows done so far.:)

kt mac said...

very cute apron :)

Beth J said...

lovely apron!! :)

Donnell said...

THANK YOU! My apron is wonderful. I love the fabric. Green and trees. You can't go wrong. The style is really awesome too.

It's also really cool that the quilting on the hot pad is a leaf just like the leaves on the fabric. Thank you.