25 Sep 2008

Another deadline approaching...

This time, it's the second of my two Hexagon classes. I've done a few more, but not many. I'm actually a little annoyed with this class - I signed up because it's a great looking quilt, and it appealed to me that when you had finished each hexagon, it was done completely - and just needed to be joined together with the other ones. Well, the teacher has asked us not to quilt any before this second class, when no doubt she is going to demonstrate how to quilt them. But it does mean any I work on now, will not be finished, but still only half done.

I work best with deadlines, but this one's bugging me. Still, after Sunday, I can do them MY way.

My latest Ravelry swap parcel is already to be sent off today. I enjoy making washcloths, and this lacy one is teamed with some lemon myrtle soap which smells pretty nice (I bought it before this cold deprived me of all smell and taste.)

In other knitting news, I've removed the pressure of keeping up with the Mystery Stole 4. Truly, I don't need to spend every spare moment knitting against the clock for some beaded stole that I'll probably never wear anyway. Life's too short.


Michelle said...

The hexagons are so beautiful. At least on Sunday you can do your own thing!

And the washcloths are lovely! I've been meaning to make a whole heap for presents this year, along with tawashi pot scrubbers.

Helen said...

Those hexagons are stunning Leah! Can't wait to see how they are quilted.

Austy's Mum said...

I love your wash cloths especially the lacey one and your hexagons are stunning!