30 Sep 2008

Blossoms again...

The spring time flowers are just so beautiful right now, I can't resist photographing them.

We visited Floriade on the weekend, but I'm not as moved by cleverly designed beds of bulbs as I am by uncared-for trees which are just covered with such pretty flowers. (I know the trees are not cared for, since they're in my garden!)

My parents visited for the weekend, and we all had a nice time. The children spent some time painting gnomes, and next year I'll be doing it too (it was far too hard stifling my creative, directorial urges!)

Finally, I had my second and final hexagon class. The hexagons are looking great, and distinctly spring-like.

I already shared this little story with my online quilting group, but here it is again anyway;

Oh, I forgot to tell you all about one of the quilters in my class. She was talking a LOT, and always about buttocks. I thought this was strange, but never heard enough of the conversation to know WHY she was talking about buttocks. Anyway, just before we all left, she was showing her hexagons off, and complaining about the problems she'd had matching her fabrics, since they were all BATIKS!

25 Sep 2008

Another deadline approaching...

This time, it's the second of my two Hexagon classes. I've done a few more, but not many. I'm actually a little annoyed with this class - I signed up because it's a great looking quilt, and it appealed to me that when you had finished each hexagon, it was done completely - and just needed to be joined together with the other ones. Well, the teacher has asked us not to quilt any before this second class, when no doubt she is going to demonstrate how to quilt them. But it does mean any I work on now, will not be finished, but still only half done.

I work best with deadlines, but this one's bugging me. Still, after Sunday, I can do them MY way.

My latest Ravelry swap parcel is already to be sent off today. I enjoy making washcloths, and this lacy one is teamed with some lemon myrtle soap which smells pretty nice (I bought it before this cold deprived me of all smell and taste.)

In other knitting news, I've removed the pressure of keeping up with the Mystery Stole 4. Truly, I don't need to spend every spare moment knitting against the clock for some beaded stole that I'll probably never wear anyway. Life's too short.

17 Sep 2008

Short notes...

My Wollmeise sock club wool has arrived, and it's lovely. I'm sharing the club membership with a Ravelry friend, and this is my share - just lovely. (and somewhat tricky to photograph)

On Monday evening, we had a very blowy little storm. Someone's topsoil ended up all over Canberra. Edited to add; after talking to my mother, who lives on the coast roughly 230km away, someone has lost a LOT of topsoil, since it's all landed there too.

Our wattle is starting to bloom, and I guess the sneezing will kick off soon too.

And finally, this is now a common sight in our backyard. The chooks have figured out how to escape from their pen. I've trimmed their wings, but with no effect. We'll have to solve this problem, or my garden will not be at all productive this summer.

13 Sep 2008

Changing of the Light

As spring advances, I'm seeing changes around here. Not just in the garden, but inside too (no, that doesn't mean I'm cleaning or anything rash like that.) We now get sunshine in the kitchen in the mornings, and sunshine in our bedroom in the late afternoon.

There's also two very cute fluffy chicks that have joined us. At preschool they've just had an incubator with the chicks hatching in the classroom as part of their spring program. We've offered a home for two of these chicks.

I've been busy knitting the first clue of the Mystery Stole 4.

So far, it's looking very pretty, and today I'm off to buy some more beads for it.

8 Sep 2008


The rhododendrons are flowering,

the socks are half done,

and the currawongs are building a nest in our gumtree.

It's all go at the puggle house...

6 Sep 2008

Great mail!

Yesterday, my Autumn Sassy Apron arrived.

I was so excited - it's just lovely, and my sister and husband have both commented on how nice it is, without any prompting!

Thank so much Katie - I love it! Apples seem to be one of the nicest symbols of autumn - seasonal while avoiding the cliches - perfect, really.

Meanwhile, knitting is continuing. The sock is powering along, and I have started on my Mystery Stole 4.

4 Sep 2008

Autumn Apron

Another season in the Sassy Apron Swap, and I've posted off my autumn apron. I was quite pleased with this one - it was made using a pattern from Cindy Taylor Oates "More Retro Apron", which I found at my local patchwork shop.

I've also started on another pair of socks, this time out of some wool we hand dyed a while ago.

1 Sep 2008


Yesterday, I did a class in quilt-as-you-go hexagon patchwork at Addicted to Fabric.

I had a lovely time, although only managed to sew two and a half hexagons together. It's all done by hand, so takes a while.

Ideally before th next class, we'll have completed all the hexagons we need - 72 in the class sample quilt. It took nearly 5 hours to sew my 2 and half.... so, probably not.