5 Aug 2008

Swap goodness!

What a wonderful mail day - my Summer Four Seasons Quilt arrived from Tracey in Connecticut.

As well as the bright and cheerful appliqued quilt, Tracey also included a magazine, and a Pez dispenser (which my children are positive was meant for them!)

It's lovely, and perfect for summer time - thanks very much! It's really helped this grey and freezing day feel good.


Tracey in CT said...

Hi Leah...so glad that you like the quilt! It was very hard for me to send this one, I really wanted to keep it for myself!! I am surprised that it arrived so quickly, I was figuring it wouldn't get to you until at least Thursday or Friday.

Cascade Lily said...

Oh it's really cute!!! Too bad about the exhibition quilt...there's always next year and by then you will have had plenty of time to find all those beads and sew them back on!

Gabrielle said...

That quilt is gorgeous, just what you need to cheer things up when it is actually snowing in Canberra!