4 Aug 2008

Pitter patter

That's the sound of the beads falling off my exhibition quilt. I sewed them on with my normal quilting cotton, and the glass beads are cutting the threads and falling off as I manipulate the fabric while quilting. There was no time to sew them on again with proper beading thread (which I still can't believe I didn't think about finding out about this beforehand), so my quilt will not be in the exhibition. Oh well. Next year.

In other news, I've cast on for an Iggle Piggle hat, have finalised the design of my 'Blanket of Love' small quilt, and have signed up for several new projects, including to knit the Mystery Stole 4, make a play quilt and an apron. These creative pursuits should take me up to the end of October.


Kuka said...

oh bum - how frustrating to be so close only to be out-smarted by beads!!

Gabrielle said...

How disappointing after all your hard work - I wouldn't have thought about needing a special thread either - what a shame, I would have loved to see your work in the display - I'm looking forward to all that inspiration next week.

Michelle said...

Oh no! That's so incredibly frustrating and sad all at the same time!