25 Aug 2008

Can you feel it?

The warmth in the air, I mean. We had 15 balmy degrees yesterday, and are expecting the same again today. No doubt winter still has a few tricks left, but it sure feels like spring. I'm itching to start planting my vegies. However, before planting, I really should do my planning. Allow for crop rotations, just grow what we eat, that kind of thing. I'm also waiting for Dh to build another garden bed. He wasn't keen on my suggestion that I could make it with straw bales (which would have taken next to no time) so I guess I'll have to wait some more. This bed is going to be in the front yard, and I'm thinking of mostly vegies, with a few ornamentals - maybe herbs would do.

Friday was a happy mail day - I received my latest instalment from the Amitie VIP club. Unlike the first parcel, I have no clear plans of what to do with these sunny materials.

Meanwhile, I'm still battling this chest cold. I'm ready to move on.

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