13 Aug 2008

August reflections

Last Wednesday, I finished my Blanket of Love, and posted it away. (This is not my BOL, since the rules prohibit sharing pictures, but it is the one I made for last year's challenge. Despite the fact that it's not much of a quilt, it was extremely difficult and emotional for me to make (coming so soon after our daughter passed away wrapped in a blanket of love of her own.))

Since then, I've been at a (creative) loose end. The next deadline is not till September 1, so I've just been taking it easy. Good timing really, with the Olympic watching and accompanying knitting taking up quite a lot of time. As a general rule, I'm not a sport watcher, although I make an exception for cricket.

On Saturday, I attended the Canberra Quilters Show, and had a pretty good time white-gloving in the exhibition there. I didn't buy anything at the craft show. I didn't at last year's show either, and I'm wondering if it's because of the blogging world. Now, I read designer's blogs, I see the fabrics when they are released to the world (not 8 months later when they arrive in the shops here) - I just feel more in tune with what's happening worldwide, so need a craft fair less, I guess. I generally don't buy magazines any more, either.

Yesterday, it was my turn to volunteer at preschool again. It's a fun way to spend time, and Lucas and Annabelle both have a great time - Lucas showing us all the special thing she does (look at me slide, Mummy) and Annabelle pretending to be a preschool girl.


Michelle said...

You were white gloving on Saturday? I was QFOing at 12.15! We probably missed each other!

Cascade Lily said...

I ended up going on Friday. I didn't buy much either. I couldn't believe most stalls were selling FQs for $6 - I can get them cheaper at Rosemont or A2F! Or online, of course!

Will post some pix on my blog of my favourite quilts.

Kate said...

I don't buy much at craft shows either - but I like going anyway to see everything in real life and I love looking at others quilts.