26 Jul 2008

Sunny Days

It's a beautifully sunny day in Canberra today, and I've spent my time sewing. Lovely. Dh took the children to his parents place on his way to work around 8 this morning, saying they'd be taken to hockey and then brought back here. Well, it's nearly 3, and they're still not back. I have spoken to the IL's, and the kids are playing with their cousins, so was there any rush? Of course not. We're all happy.

I've finally made some headway on my summer quilt for the Four Seasons Swap. I've been struggling with summery images, particularly since I'm not really all that keen on summer. So again, I've gone with a tropical resort theme. I've finished the top, and hope to quilt it tonight (after our dinner guests have gone home) and tomorrow. This one will be quilted on the machine, since it's made mostly out of batik fabrics, which are way too tough on my hands to hand quilt. I've also added some dimensional features on this one - I'm loving feeling creative!

The exhibition quilt (wish I could remember what I called it on the entry form!) is also going well. I sandwiched it last night, and have spent a bit of time hand quilting it today.


Kate said...

Sunny and some time to yourself - perfect!

Michelle said...

How's the quilt going? I still have to bind mine and I'm really trying to put it off as long as possible. And I like binding!

Honey said...

I long for a sunny winter day - it's been raining so much in Perth but in these days of water restrictions I do welcome the rain. (I just want one sunny day to do the washing first).

Thank you for the lovely welcome to blogging. I might be brave enough to follow your lead and attempt some quilting sometime.

shellyC said...

Have to agree the days may be cold here but the sunshine is just glorious!! Do your kids play hockey?