12 Jul 2008

Snow Angels, finally!

Last year some time, my children saw a tv show mentioning snow angels. They were intrigued, and made angels all over the place - mostly carpet angels and grass angels, but also sand angels on the beach.

Today, we made snow angels.

And generally enjoyed the snow.

And other excitement - our newest niece has arrived to join the family - we're all delighted.


Kate_knits_a_bit said...

Hi Leah - I love your pic of the tall tall gums above the snowy ground - we have yet to go up the mountain to see the snow here in Hobart, but I'll have to get the children to make snow angels when we do! thank you for sharing :>

Emma said...

I'm impossibly jealous! I love that first photo, because although I'm used to seeing snowy hillsides, snow on the flat is less commmon!

Ruth's Place said...

Love the snow and the gum trees!

Gabrielle said...

Hooray for snow and for our little snow angels!