6 Jul 2008

Happy Birthday Darling

Annabelle had a mushroom party on the weekend to celebrate her 4th birthday. She loves eating mushrooms, and there was a very cute mushroom cake in the cake book, so it was an obvious choice.

Later, on her birthday itself, we celebrated again, this time with a flamingo cake (of course.)

This extended birthday led to lots of announcements along the lines of "After all, I AM the birthday girl". And lots of checking - "is it still the birthday, Mummy?"

Lucas was very excited about Annabelle's birthday, since he and Daddy had been shopping for a present which he chose all by himself. There were actually 4 presents, 2 of which were lollipops, one for each of them.

Both children are now counting down till their next birthdays - this is where seasons are very important, since they don't really understand the concept of a year.


Michelle said...

What a great birthday! I love all the cakes!

Cascade Lily said...

Happy birthday Annabelle! Two cakes! Lucky gal :)

Emma said...

Happy Birthday Annabelle! What a wonderfully original party theme!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Love the mushroom cake - great theme for a little girl!

Helen said...

Happy Birthday Annabelle! Looks loike a lovely day!