7 Jul 2008

Creative July

That's right, I have designated July to be a very creative month. Mainly because of the list of creative projects that MUST be completed in this time;
1. Table Runner for a swap (and featuring some of the worst ever foundation piecing...)

2. February Lady Sweater for Tour de France Knit-A-Long

3. Exhibition Quilt for the Canberra Quilters Show
4. Summer Quilt for Four Seasons Quilt Swap
5. Blanket of Love for the Down Under Quilts challenge.

My, I feel overwhelmed just reading it.

Finally, here's the completed Hungry Caterpillar quilt, ready for my sister's babe, who still hasn't emerged (my poor sis is quite astonished - her twins were born at 32 weeks, so being overdue is something decidedly new and different!)


T. said...

I too am doing the February Lady Sweater for the TdF KAL! The color of yours is great.

Michelle said...

My list is too long too. It's making me anxious, and it includes 2 quilts for the CQ show that aren't even finished yet. I haven't even started one of them, and the other needs me to phone the quilter!

I really need to start a "to do" list

Kellie said...

OMG I just love Hellen Godden and saw there that the raffle quilt is one of hers!!!! What a prize! Good luck with all of your projects! Nothing like a bit of pressure to get things done! Thanks so much for your lovely comment regarding my new quilt top! And thanks again for the link!

Leanne said...

Really like the green wool my fav colour. The hungry caterpillar is so cute a friend made a quilt out of it.

Jodie said...

Your hungry caterpillar quilt is great ! Gorgeous colours.

Beth J said...

This quilt is wonderful! Eric Carle is one of my favourite artists, what a great use for his work!

Ruth's Place said...

Oh, I LOVE your VHC quilt!!

Yarni Gras! said...

Eric Carle would be PROUD to know you took his engaging little story and turn it into a gorgeous quilt!
The VHC is my all time favorite children's book.