31 Jul 2008


My "Summer Holiday Sunset" quilt for the Four Seasons Quilt Swap is on it's way.

I had mixed feelings about this quilt for several reasons. It was hard to decide on a design, because I don't really like summer. However, being hot and sticky at home, and avoiding the heat of the day, and being concerned about my garden dying is a long stretch from a tropical holiday.

This quilt is really all about the fabric. It's not fancy piecing, or lovely applique. It's just strip pieced, with a little raw edge applique (a technique that I'm enjoying more and more, by the way.) I did do a little dimensional work in this one - the water has layers sewn into it (wish I knew the words for this kind of thing.)

My machine quilting is still not great, but it seems to have worked quite effectively for this piece.

However, I've still sent it on to the recipient in the USA (that's a big clue... if there weren't so many Americans in the swap!) I think it works as a fabric picture, even if it's not a fabbo quilt. So, dear recipient, I hope you enjoy your parcel.

26 Jul 2008

Sunny Days

It's a beautifully sunny day in Canberra today, and I've spent my time sewing. Lovely. Dh took the children to his parents place on his way to work around 8 this morning, saying they'd be taken to hockey and then brought back here. Well, it's nearly 3, and they're still not back. I have spoken to the IL's, and the kids are playing with their cousins, so was there any rush? Of course not. We're all happy.

I've finally made some headway on my summer quilt for the Four Seasons Swap. I've been struggling with summery images, particularly since I'm not really all that keen on summer. So again, I've gone with a tropical resort theme. I've finished the top, and hope to quilt it tonight (after our dinner guests have gone home) and tomorrow. This one will be quilted on the machine, since it's made mostly out of batik fabrics, which are way too tough on my hands to hand quilt. I've also added some dimensional features on this one - I'm loving feeling creative!

The exhibition quilt (wish I could remember what I called it on the entry form!) is also going well. I sandwiched it last night, and have spent a bit of time hand quilting it today.

22 Jul 2008

Crafting in the cold...

I'm having real problems doing any crafting in this cold weather. Knitting makes my hands ache, and I've no chance of finishing my February Lady Sweater (ravelry link) for the Tour de France KAL. I've nearly finished (26/30) off the raglan increases, but that's not even into the lace yet. sigh.

I have been spending some time beading my Exhibition quilt. Just as well - the deadline is fast approaching. I'm slowed down because beading makes my hands really cold. So frequent warm up breaks are required. It's very annoying, and I don't want to spend a million dollars on heating this winter just so I can craft comfortably.

21 Jul 2008

Run run runner!

It's arrived, and I'm very excited.

I was very excited to see Helen's name on the back of the parcel, since her quilting is just lovely. I now have a fabulous runner on our table - it's modern, and old fashioned, and just perfect.

Thanks so much!

I was also pleased to see the runner I made has arrived with Emma.

12 Jul 2008

Snow Angels, finally!

Last year some time, my children saw a tv show mentioning snow angels. They were intrigued, and made angels all over the place - mostly carpet angels and grass angels, but also sand angels on the beach.

Today, we made snow angels.

And generally enjoyed the snow.

And other excitement - our newest niece has arrived to join the family - we're all delighted.

10 Jul 2008

The Next Runner...

and this one's looking much better.

These are the fabrics I've chosen. I bought the Chocolate Lollipop fat quarters nearly a year ago at the Ballarat Patchwork Shop, and the main fabric is a Joel Dewberry fabric that seems to match perfectly.

I'm sticking with the policy of trying something new in every swap, and this time it's three dimensional piecing.

This particular pattern has folded triangles, which creates pockets. The triangle corners are layered overlapping each other, reminding me of prairie points. However, while there are raised sections, I think they are flat enough to work well on a functional table runner.

It's been very cold here lately, and yesterday we even had a little snow. Not much, but the kids were very excited.

8 Jul 2008

The Bugger Runner

I know, it's not exactly polite, but neither are the feelings inspired by this beginning of a table runner.

Fortunately, the posting deadline's not till Friday, so tomorrow, I'll be starting afresh. With a different design. This one has outclassed me at every turn.

7 Jul 2008

Creative July

That's right, I have designated July to be a very creative month. Mainly because of the list of creative projects that MUST be completed in this time;
1. Table Runner for a swap (and featuring some of the worst ever foundation piecing...)

2. February Lady Sweater for Tour de France Knit-A-Long

3. Exhibition Quilt for the Canberra Quilters Show
4. Summer Quilt for Four Seasons Quilt Swap
5. Blanket of Love for the Down Under Quilts challenge.

My, I feel overwhelmed just reading it.

Finally, here's the completed Hungry Caterpillar quilt, ready for my sister's babe, who still hasn't emerged (my poor sis is quite astonished - her twins were born at 32 weeks, so being overdue is something decidedly new and different!)

6 Jul 2008

Happy Birthday Darling

Annabelle had a mushroom party on the weekend to celebrate her 4th birthday. She loves eating mushrooms, and there was a very cute mushroom cake in the cake book, so it was an obvious choice.

Later, on her birthday itself, we celebrated again, this time with a flamingo cake (of course.)

This extended birthday led to lots of announcements along the lines of "After all, I AM the birthday girl". And lots of checking - "is it still the birthday, Mummy?"

Lucas was very excited about Annabelle's birthday, since he and Daddy had been shopping for a present which he chose all by himself. There were actually 4 presents, 2 of which were lollipops, one for each of them.

Both children are now counting down till their next birthdays - this is where seasons are very important, since they don't really understand the concept of a year.