18 Jun 2008


That's what I've been doing this week. Shuffling pieces of paper around, filing, sorting, shuffling as I move heavy pieces of furniture. Also shuffling the feather duster around. Operation clean, efficient house is continuing.

Today I switched some furniture around. Now my sewing machine can remain ready for use, without interfering with the dinner table, or being an invitation for my adventurous twin nephews on their regular visits.

I also washed this quilt, which has been used as a tablecloth for a couple of years now. It was finished in 1997, at a time when Dh and I were sharing a house with both of my sisters. We'd just returned from 3 months living and working in London, and then 2 months of travelling in Europe and Africa. One of my sisters was preparing for her wedding and move to the UK, the other was studying at the University. It was a nice time - living together as adults, all busy and happy.

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