1 Jun 2008

hip hip hooray!

I've celebrated another birthday. Firstly with Nigella's custard birthday cake from Feast.

And secondly, another Nigella masterpiece - the butterscotch layered cake, from Domestic Goddess.

I've received various hand made cards, a new bike (which makes me feel about 10, getting a bike for my birthday!), a book, several Pandora beads for my bracelet, and a voucher for yarn goodness. Lovely.

I've also been a part of a quilting fabric birthday swap, and received all these wonderful fat quarters. I requested 'brights' and have got a lovely range.

Thanks Cass, Adds, Amanda, Emma, Natalie, Helen, Bec, Lily, Kylie, Aj and Xena. I have plans for an applique floral type leafy stippy quilt for Annabelle's room. Of course, it'll have to wait a while, since the to do list is growing enormously.


Lissa Jane said...

happy birthday!!!
I got A pandora bead for my birthday.. I knew I'd like it cause I picked it out myself! LOL I got the Princess and the Pea bed.. my bracelet has space for TWO more so I am hoping to get the queen bee when it comes in and ??? dunno our shop keeps selling it, hoping to get to the shop in sydney that has heaps of them in stock all the time!

those cakes look deadly ! :O)


Michelle said...

Happy birthday! How lucky ae you with TWO Nigella cakes! Hope it was a great day, and that the celebrations keep going for a while longer!

AJ said...

Happy Birthday Leah!! Hope you had a great day...Those Fq's look great!!

And those cakes look fattening...YUM!!

Cascade Lily said...

Happy birthday Leah! I don't which looks yummier - the cakes or the fabrics :)

jmbmommy said...

Happy Birthday!! I am so excited that it is your birthday---you are my blogabration winner too!! What excitement! Those cakes look simply marvelous--that butterscotch one looks DIVINE! I want to come to your party next time! Best wishes, email me!