23 Jun 2008

Another great mail day...

Today I received fabric ordered from Cabbage Rose Quilting. 10 yards packed incredibly well into a Global Priority bag - best packing I've ever received.

My 10 yards cost $80 Australian (including delivery.) The fabrics I bought sell in my local quilting shop for $24/metre. Little wonder I cannot afford to shop locally.

Also in the mail was 6 months of family photographs. I've since discovered I still need 6 more months to bring the album up to date. Digital photography means I take many, many more photos but print much fewer.

Lastly, I received a fat quarter of flannel fabric to make a Blanket of Love for this year's Down Under Quilts competition.


Leanne said...

Love your new fabrics ??? are snapfish photos good quality I was thinking of getting some print with them.

Kate said...

I love Cabbage Rose - lovely fabrics!